Mother’s Day Wishes

Mother's Day Wishes & Engraving Quotes About Moms

"May the joy and love you give away return to you this Mother's Day."
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“There are a thousand languages in the world, but a mother’s smile speaks them all.”

"No matter the distance between our homes, the distance between our hearts will never change."
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“To thank you for the little things you always say and do, and to wish you all the happiness that life can bring to you – Happy Mother’s Day.”

"A mother holds the key to your heart."
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“You have a very special place that no one else can fill, because you mean so much to me, and you know you always will.”

"Hope your day is filled with sunshine, flowers and happy thoughts to fill the house."
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“Lasting joy and happiness is what you’re wished today. And with that wish, a world of love is being sent your way.”

“Thank you for always helping me to remember what is important in life – and today, it is you.

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